Your Inventure Guide:

Have you watched yourself say things in your relationship that you know don’t help your cause, but yet you still say them? We’ve all made mistakes in our relationships… I’ve just taken what I’ve learned and designed a program to help people avoid making the same mistakes I did, and recreate what I’ve learned that DOES work.

The exercises in the Inventure Guide are designed to help you strengthen communication with your partner, and at the same time better understand your own behavior in relationship.  

In this one-month program, you will:

🌟Learn how to take upset and regret from what HASN’T worked in relationships, and turn these lessons into your own success stories

🌟Discover how to communicate what you want and need in a way that honors you and encourages healthy discussion with your partner

🌟Identify old habits and destructive patterns that get in the way of a happy and fulfilling romantic connection

🌟Transform fearful thoughts into beliefs that help you heal, and empower you to show up fully for yourself in the relationship, and then for your partner

🌟Receive personalized coaching for your unique relationship challenges and goals

Though the Relationship Inventure Guide is designed to support you in a healthy, thriving, and enduring romance, these skills can be used in any relationship – with family, co-workers, and friends.

What you learn will be transferable to any relationship that matters to you.

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