Why work with a Coach? My philosophy

Do you find that you grapple with the need for certainty before doing something that seems risky?

I sure do.  I think even those of us who describe ourselves as risk-takers grapple with the hard-wired need for safety and security.  I have a coach because I have a commitment to experience life beyond the perceived boundaries in my mind; which often seem “real.”  I trust in my coach because healthy dialogue gets me outside the sometimes dangerous territory of my own mind.

As a coach, my goal is to be your partner in the process of moving through whatever stops you. 

I want to be with you as you walk the edge between what you know and what you dream of in your life.  To stand at your side like two Marines in the heat of battle as you lean into and break through your fears.

I will certainly challenge your limiting beliefs – not in a way where I’m telling you what to do or what you should believe, or even how you should act.  Instead I will challenge you in a way helps you approach your circumstances and abilities with a fresh dose of possibility and potency.

Whether you imagine reaching another level in your career, the relationship of your dreams, or you crave the experience of being deeply fulfilled and happy, I believe you can realize those desires driven up from the seat of your soul.

What is “coaching?”

Coaching, to me, is to serve as your guide as you access uncharted territory of who you know yourself to be.  My promise if you choose to work with me is that you will have a new experience of yourself out in the world as a result of our conversations.  I also give my word that you will be listened to in a way that will leave you feeling heard, gotten, acknowledged, and honored.

Finally, a key ingredient to all of my conversations and interactions is the notion that there is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need to be “fixed” in order to benefit from coaching.

There is inherently nothing wrong with you.  You are here in this life, doing the best you can with what you’ve got.

You are already a whole and complete human being and I’m here to help you remove blind spots that may sometimes obscure your experience of this.

How I apply the Inventure Philosophy in my Life

In 2018 I left my comfortable life in San Diego to follow the voice of an inner Truth that called me to see more of the world.  In this experience of traveling and working simultaneously, I discovered how to balance between planning and going with the flow; how to let go of trying to control my circumstances, instead surrendering to what is unfolding on my path.  It is in this process that I’ve learned how to generate peace of mind in the face of change and uncertainty.

I’ve done a deep dive into my own development with over eight years of rigorous programs, including the following:

  • 10 years of personal development courses with Landmark Worldwide and Mastery in Transformation Training, 8 of those years as a coach
  • 6 years of public speaking training, including Here & Now, Toastmasters International, and Voice & Victory training.
  • 6 years of owning and running a business

Why bother with a life coach?  Is it really worth it?

Working with a coach is a choice.  Those who hire a coach are unique human beings who have a commitment to pushing the limits of what they’re capable of.

If you’ve ever played a sport or trained for something, you likely had a coach.  Someone there to help remove obstacles in the way of your excellence in that particular sport or method of training.

The only difference in hiring a life coach is that the “training” is discovering what’s in the way of living the richest, most fulfilling, and happiest life.

And much like a soccer coach or personal trainer, a life coach is there to pick you up when you’re down, and to appeal to the part of you that wants to give life all that you’ve got.